Modern Minimalism Urbane Sassoon SS17 Salon Collection


With architecture as a key inspiration, Vidal Sassoon believed the most memorable designs were distinct and true to form. Inspired by the modern movement in architecture, Sassoon celebrates the revival of Brutalism with a series of memorable hair designs, in this season’s latest SS17 collection, URBANE.

“There is beauty in purity. Just as a building has formal structural elements, so does great hair design. The SS17 URBANE collection gets back to the basics of hair with a series of unified looks that perfectly balance the shape of each cut with the colour”, says Mark Hayes, International Creative Director.




Blonde hair is classic and adds radiance to the face. “To keep your colour vibrant and luminous for longer, nourishment is essential. Use a shampoo and conditioner such as Sassoon Professional Illuminating Clean and Condition to lock in colour for longer and leave hair with glossy mirror-like shine,” says Edward Darley UK Colour Director.

A deep side-parting works best on hair with very gentle, natural movement and adds drama to the look. Like all great designs these shapes are perfectly balanced with the colour to create a chic and stylish approach to your new season look.





The bob is timeless and this season, less is more. Drawing parallels between the pure, clean lines of Brutalist architecture with the geometric structure of a Sassoon cut, this new pared-down aesthetic makes hair look super-chic and polished.

Edward continues, “shine is key for brunettes – instantly making the hair look thicker and healthier.” A weekly intensive treatment such as Sassoon Professional Intense Restore is full of proteins and vitamins to ensure your hair looks healthy every day.





Vidal Sassoon believed that just as perfectly designed architecture enhances a city, so the perfect haircut and colour enhances and beautifies a face. “I always blend a bespoke combination of tones together to create a perfect shade that’s true to my client’s needs and personality,” says Edward.

What’s great about this style is its versatility. For a gamine look, add a small amount of Sassoon Professional Texture Refine evenly throughout your hair and mould into the desired shape.






Find out more about the collection here.