London is a work of art at South Molton Street Gallery

Iconic London landmarks have been transformed into captivating pieces of art in a new exhibition at a South Molton Street gallery, thanks one of the UK’s leading contemporary cityscape artists.

Oil painter, Neil Dawson’s latest exhibition, ‘London’, is comprised of original and limited edition pieces and will be on display at Castle Fine Art, South Molton Street, with Dawson personally presenting the collection on Thursday 7th August between 6-8pm.

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Dawson’s technique of using only his fingertips to apply oils straight from the tube onto the canvas allows him to blend the paint into vibrant city scenes full of energy and movement.

Dawson captures the spirit and beauty of the city through his use of bright colour splashes and attention to detail in his new collection.

The works have been expertly crafted to capture London as it has never been seen before, unleashing a new lease of life on prominent London monuments, such as South Bank, Big Ben and Tower Bridge.

Kate Hale, Castle Fine Art, South Molton Street’s gallery manager, said: “We’re excited to have Neil Dawson’s new exhibition, ‘London’, on display at the gallery this week. The work features famous landmarks from around the city such as St Paul’s Cathedral and Piccadilly, transporting the viewer to places that are instantly recognisable.

“He paints to impeccable detail, capturing a moving black cab or light reflection on a road sign, creating visually compelling works. This is the perfect opportunity for the people of London to step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and view the city in a new light.”

Dawson began painting as a child, and after a brief stint at Central Saint Martins College, opted to pursue a career in economics. Through his job, Dawson travelled the globe and became inspired by the locations that he visited. He decided to go back to painting and re-create the places he had seen whilst travelling.

Dawson says: “It was an extended period of travel that rekindled my love of art. Being constantly exposed to beautiful environments was a defining experience. Inspired from my travels, I wanted to capture the vitality and liveliness of my surroundings here at home.Oxford Street Evening

“London, with its dazzling lights and neon expanses, allows me to create paintings that are full of activity, with the colours and lights screaming for attention. I also try to paint with a sense of ambiguity to allow for individual interpretation; cities are always in a state of flux and perception of these places will never be identical – that’s the beauty of them.”

“This new collection has been my most challenging yet and it will be a real joy to present it to the people of London.”

The exhibition is free of charge to view at Castle Fine Art, South Molton Street and exact opening times can be found on the website.

Neil Dawson will be at the gallery between 6-8pm on Thursday 7th August.

Limited prints of Neil Dawson’s work are available to buy and start from £295.

For more information please visit Castle Fine Art, Molton Street, telephone 0207 629 2282 or visit



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