Eton’s new Spring/Summer Collection 2014

The Red Ribbon collection expands with releases through December, January, February and March, each housing individual colour themes and striking prints. In a much anticipated-move, they use this season’s Red Ribbon to introduce our new super slim fit.

Defined by a narrower body and sleeves, this option runs shorter in length and helps accentuate the body of its wearer. To further expand the range of our entire collection, they also unveil two new collars—a pointed pin option with sharp angles and a traditional tab collar inspired by the James Bond look in Skyfall.

“Spring/Summer 2014 is definitely a business collection, it’s always a businessman that we picture while designing our clothes—the type of man that isn’t required to wear a suit and shirt, but still enjoys the experience of doing so.” says Sebastian Dollinger, Head of Design.

To this effect, the Green Ribbon collection leaves it to the wearer’s judgement as to whether a shirt should be worn for business or pleasure. Versatility is key, and the release flaunts a diverse range of different fabrics and styles to tell a story through its three monthly deliveries—Chelsea flannel in January, super light Hampstead poplin in February and Greenwich zephyr in March.

Through the season as a whole, two key collars define the collection: an extreme cutaway and a button down, each of which is used to great effect in our new shirts. Fans of Eton’s passion for unique design will also be won over by a vintage robot pattern in January, a brilliant Hawaiian pattern in February and a dark octopus design in March.

Continuing the legacy of the founders’ passion for superior craftsmanship, Spring/Summer 2014 will also bring additions to the DnA collection, with thirteen exclusive fabrics punctuating the release. And, as has become a hallmark of the collection, all DnA shirts are hand-crafted in Gånghester—the small Swedish village where the story began more than 85 years ago.

While DnA will follow the palette of the other releases, its shirts will debut a Windsor oxford material, a trusted Lincoln satin and a Buckingham twill. And yet, no Eton release is complete without accompanying accessories.

New this season is an assortment of gold and silver arm bands, all designed to adorn shirt sleeves in a classic styling. We’ve also assembled a full line of printed ties on varying ground materials, mixing bright colours, striking patterns and luxurious textiles in a way that only Eton could. And, to round out an outfit, we’ll be housing a wide selection of bracelets, cufflinks and our latest innovation—the flower lapel pin.


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