South Molton Street: The History, The Culture, The Secrets

Built in the mid-18th century as part of the Conduit Mead Estate, South Molton Street was home to many.  

In 1803 the English poet and painter William Blake (28 November 1757 – 12 August 1827) and his wife moved into a 2nd floor flat at number 17 where he lived for 17 years.  It was from here where he wrote many of his great works like Tiger Tiger and Jerusalem. Click here for more information on William Blake.

British Trade Union Leader and Labour politician, Ernest Bevin (9 March 1881 – 14 April 1951) also lived in a flat at number  34 South Molton Street for 20 years from 1931.

A blue plaque currenty stands outside the flats for the commemoration of William Blake and Ernest Bevin.

South Molton Street is also home to the West End’s secret river.  Several meters beneath the street flows The River Tyburn.  In the 18th Century the river was diverted beneath the street so that surrounding Mayfair could be built.

The street was extensively rebuilt around 1900 but many of the original Georgian houses remain.   It is now a pedestrian precinct and contains many shops selling items such as women’s fashion and jewellery.

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